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Experts in Satin Dressing Gowns

Don’t be boring in bed.

No more scruffy trackies or old musty grandma dressing gowns. Kate Barnét was created to inject life, colour and glamour back into your bedroom. As Autumn kicks in and more time is spent hibernating, our satin dressing gowns will become a staple of your home life. Made from 100% satin, they are machine washable, soft as you like, and - the best bit - don’t crease. No-one wants to iron their nightwear, do they?


Our customers say:

“I just wanted to email to tell you I received my gown (so fast) and I love it so much I’ve ordered another for my sister in law. Thank you they’re beautiful!!”

“I have bought three of your dressing gowns and love them.”

“It is beautiful…I can only imagine everyone is loving them.”



Did you know that 85% of unwanted textiles go to landfills? The fashion industry has a huge problem with waste, so much so that textile waste now makes up 5% of landfill space. Our dressing gowns are made using ‘end of the roll’ and ‘off cut’ fabrics. We never mass produce our kimonos (usually you’re buying one of < ten) so you are truly wearing something special and planet-happy. You can sleep easy.