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Don’t be boring in bed…

Kate Barnét was created in the late summer of 2017.

My mission for the brand is to create beautiful, colourful nightwear that feels delicious to wear; priced sensibly.

Indian prints are the lifeblood of the brand. I source our prints from Delhi and work with a small factory in the suburbs to produce our clothing. It took a two week ‘discovery’ trip in March of ‘18 to find the perfect partners. I now visit a couple of times a year to discuss new grand plans, check-in on the team, ensure everyone is happy & safe and keep and eye on quality control. Being so hands on in the production process has made me realise how many brands aren’t - I feel incredibly lucky to know everyone who has a hand in producing our clothes and think it really does make the difference.

From originally only stocking satin dressing gowns, we have now added pyjamas and slip dresses to the list. It’s been a wild road so far! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading our story.

Kate xoxo