Back in 2017, founder and Londoner Kate was frustrated with how drab and boring all the mid-range pyjama options were. The options for nightwear that made you feel as fabulous chilling at home as you did on a night out with the girls were next to none! 

On the hunt for enchanting patterns and prints people would feel excited to wear, Kate headed to India to source the perfect materials, patterns, and designs for her PJs.

To this day, KB PJs are handmade in India, and Kate works personally with everyone involved in the production process.

End of roll material and bold colourful prints remain at the heart of the brand. 

Kate Barnèt nightwear is now the antidote to dull nightwear for over 3000 wonderful people in countries across the world. Whether your ideal night in looks like pouring yourself a glass of fizz and dancing around the kitchen, or cosying up with your new favourite book by the fire - join us in the KB gang. 

You won't find any boring patterns or prints here. We're all about creating fabulous, bold, colourful nightwear that makes you feel like, well, you.