Say goodbye to drab, boring nightwear

we make pyjamas to party in

Kate Barnét nightwear is now the antidote to dull nightwear for over 4000 wonderful people in countries across the world. Whether your ideal night in looks like pouring yourself a glass of fizz and dancing around the kitchen, or cosying up with your new favourite book by the fire - join us in the KB gang!

A very special collaboration


We are so excited to have collaborated with content creator Charlotte Jacklin on a capsule collection of vintage inspired pyjamas in time for Christmas. Charlotte's love of stripes, gingham, floral and pink has informed the collection, creating three pairs of classic 100% cotton pyjamas that will stand the test of time.

Charlotte says: 'If you know one thing about me, it's that the second I get home and know I am done leaving the house for the day, I will change into my pyjamas immediately. I love feeling relaxed, and switching my clothes signals to my brain it's time to relax. This collaboration with Kate Barnét has been so much fun to work on, I've created three of my dream designs, I wanted them to feel like pyjamas of yesteryear brought into the modern day in my favourite hues of pink and green'

kate's pledge to the planet

We are pledging to minimise the negative impact clothing companies can often have on our planet. Ever since our inception, we have used a mixture of deadstock fabric and new fabric throughout our ranges. This means that we have used fabric that otherwise would have been sent to landfill, and have avoided manufacturing lots of new fabric. This has saved energy and reduced our carbon footprint. 

Some of our products are made from 100% end-of-the-roll fabric, which will be detailed under ‘what you need to know’ on the product page.

All of our postal packaging is also totally recyclable!